Transition from software development to drug discovery


Our next step is to expand our Alliance partnerships to transition from a “software development model” to a diagnostics and drug discovery company to more rapidly deploy our discoveries and technology to better help patients fighting cancer’s resistance to therapy. DNA SEQ’s discoveries are enhanced by DNA SEQ’s kinome internal symmetry and together establish a crucial new paradigm, to develop a new approach to fight the resistance. Those discoveries are summarized below and are protected by DNA SEQ’s patent estate.

  1. The DFG INTER conformation is a result of the inherent “dynamic” character of the rotational mechanism of kinome signaling, which is universal.
  2. DNA SEQ’s defined geometry of the rotational (and translational – 1Å shortening of inter domain distance) movement during signaling is universal and, based on the DNA SEQ defined geometry, is the organizing principle of the resistance mutations in three-dimensional space.
  3. A 3D map of the amino acid diversity with the preservation of the ATP sites three-dimensional architecture has been utilized to design the new inhibitor specificity to counter the drug resistance mechanism.
  4. DNA SEQ’s next step is to execute a proof of concept of its application designs for both diagnostic and novel inhibitor re-design wherein we will apply those three crucial structural mechanism discoveries. In DNA SEQ’s platform of precisely selected targets, patient drug response clinical data is confined to
    a uniform signaling mechanism driven by the three aforementioned principles.

We have selected an initial target to provide proof, within two years time, and that will irrefutably establish our technology platform in the estimated $35B annual market of kinase improved kinase inhibition for several important cancer indications. Our selection of proof of concept from our platform has a target which is already aimed at several FDA approved drugs and all of them shows that over time the cancer patient is overwhelmed by drug resistance. We believe that our analysis of the kinome crystal space, using our pattern matching algorithm and artificial intelligence, will enable us to develop new products that can significantly aid in the fight against cancer’s resistance to kinase inhibitor targeted therapies. Our mission has been to develop tools and insights that will help improve cancer treatment and drug design to better fight the resistance. We believe that DNA SEQ’s IP portfolio represents a bold new paradigm for treating cancers’ resistance to therapy.s


A new tool to fight drug resistance to small molecule kinase inhibitors.

A new paradigm to develop 2 PRE IND molecules, in 2 years, to better inhibit cancer’s resistance to kinase inhibitors.

The immediate utilities of DNA SEQ’s patented Kinase Targeting System are as follows:

  • Provides a predictive drug resistance gene panel for selecting drugs with reduced drug resistance, for individual patients
  • The findings from these gene panels enable an oncologist to make an optimal decision as to the choice of drug with a predicted minimal resistance.
  • Those precise insights enable the design of new chemical scaffold
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